Recent Past Shows

Seeing the World Anew
Recent Photographs by Lance Kuehne

November 6th to January 5th

Paintings by Karen Spratt

Would You Believe?
Paintings by Jerrie Jerné

September 11th to November 3rd

Places & Things My Camera Has Seen
Photographs by Michael Riley

People Met, Places Seen
Paintings by Henry White

July 10th to September 8th

Out and About, Petaluma and Beyond
Photographs by Dan Kabanuck

A Retrospective
Photographs by Grant Kreinberg

May 8th to July 7th

Wild Free
Paintings by Isabelle Truchon

Words and Women
Paintings by Christine Kierstead

March 6th to May 5th

Water's Edge
Paintings by Michele Rosett

Different Perspectives
Photographs by Alexis Greenberg & Brian Cluer

January 9th to March 3rd

Lost in Creation
Paintings by Dan Kabanuck and Billy Korbus

Recent Work
Photographs by Lance Kuehne

November 7th to January 6th

11th Anniversary Show!
Featuring Henry White, Janet McBeen, Stephanie Hamilton-Oravetz,
Marilee Ford, Laura Tovar Dietrick, Deborah Macias, and Marion Hatcher

September 5th to November 4th

Anything Goes!
Featuring Marilyn Dizikes, Janet McBeen, and Brian Cluer

July 11th to September 2nd

There's No Place Like Home!
Featuring Lucia Antonelli, Ed Price, Dan Melville, and Anne Monk

May 9th to July 8th

Showin' on the River - Juried Photography Show

March 7th to May 6th

January 2018 Postcard

Heaven & Earth & The Space Between
Paintings by Marilee Ford and Sharon Feissel

January 10th to March 4th

November 2017 Postcard

A Leap of Faith
Paintings by Laura Tovar Dietrick

Roaming Petaluma's Hills
Paintings by Henry White

November 8th to January 7th

September 2017 Postcard

"Tenth Anniversary Show"

Featuring the Members of Riverfront Art Gallery

September 6th - November 5th

July 2017 Postcard

"Showin' on the River" Juried Fine Art Show

July 5th - September 3rd, 2016

May 2017 Postcard

The Road Home
Paintings by Janet Doto

Beauties of Spring
Photographs and Paintings by Philip Wilkinson

May 8th to July 2nd

March 2017 Postcard

Showin' on the River
Juried Photography Show

March 8th to May 7th

January 2017 Postcard

Altered Reality: Photoshopped or Not?

Photographs by Lance Kuehne

January 11th to March 5th

November 2016 Postcard

Scenes from Sonoma County
Paintings by Henry White

Landscapes and Reflections
Photographs by Mike Riley

November 9th to January 8th

Sept 2016 Postcard

Monument Valley Magic
Photographs by Gus Feissel

Paintings by Georgianne Fastaia

September 7th to November 6th

July 2016 Postcard

"Showin' on the River" Juried Fine Art Show

July 6th - September 4th, 2016

May 2016 Postcard

The Water & The Spirits Moved Me: New Work from Venice
Photographs by Stephanie Hamilton-Oravetz

Selected Scenes from a Mythical Village, Sonoma County
Photographs by Grant Kreinberg

May 11th to July 3rd

March 2016 Postcard

Showin' on the River
Juried Photography Show

March 9th to May 8th

January 2016 Postcard

Bicycles and Birds
Paintings by Karen Spratt

January 6th to March 6th

November 2015 Postcard

Oaks in Our Time
Paintings by Henry White

Diverging Paths
Photographs by Lance Kuehne

November 11th to January 3rd

September 2015 Postcard

"Beyond the Usual"

Artworks in new mediums by
Cathy Thomas, Karen Spratt, Jerrie Jerné and Sharon Feissel

September 9th to November 8th

July 2015 Postcard Front

"Showin' on the River" Juried Fine Art Show

July 8th - September 6th, 2014

May 2015 Postcard

"The Nature of My Journey"
Photographs by Jeff G. Allen

"Wine Country Retrospective"
Photographs by Lance Kuehne

May 6th - July 5th

March Postcard

"Showin' on the River" Juried Photography Show

March 11th - May 3rd, 2015

January Postcard

Winter Show - Invitational Artist Showcase

January 8th - March 8th, 2015

November 2014 Postcard

"The Sacred & The Profane"
Photographs by Jan Reddick

"The Wildlife of Yellowstone"
Photographs by Jim Coda

November 5th - January 4th, 2015

September 2014 Postcard

"Circles and Lines: Life Stories"
Paintings by Dominique Bayart

"A Walk in the Park"
Photographs by Lance Kuehne

September 10th - November 2nd, 2014

July 2014 Postcard

Showin' on the River (Juried Fine Art Show)

July 9th - September 7th, 2014

May Postcard

"Abundance: The Promise of Spring"
Paintings by Robert Benson

"Flowers and Trees"
Photographs by Karen Spratt

May 7th - July 6th, 2014

Riverfront Art Gallery March 2014

Showin' on the River (Juried Photography Show)

March 5th - May 4th, 2014

Winter Show Postcard

"Somewhere in Time"
Paintings by Polly Podolsky

"Uncomfortable Darkness"
Photographs by Craig Melville

January 8th - March 2nd, 2014