Gallery Membership Information

There are many ways to display your work in the gallery, the most prominent ways are as a guest artist, or as a permanent member.

A permanent member makes a commitment to stay for 4 months (2 shows) minimum and pays a deposit in addition to the rent, after six months, the artist can stay as long as they are a member in good standing. They get their deposit back when they leave the gallery. Permanent member applications always get priority.

There are two levels of membership, "full-space membership" and "half-space membership", the only difference between these two levels is the amount of wall space you get, your rent amount, and the amount of time you work the gallery. Each full space has anywhere from 16 to 22 feet of linear wall space (the featured spaces are slightly bigger). Everyone is rotated for every show, so over time, you may show in every space in the gallery. A half-space member can be a "temporary full-space member" for a single show if they are a featured artist, their rent and work time would be pro-rated.

Basic costs (non-working members):
Half-space member - $300 month + 20% commission
Full-space member - $475 month + 30% commission on first $1000 per month, 20% on remainder

Basic costs (working members):
Half-space member - $240 month + 20% commission
Full-space member - $350 month + 30% commission on first $1000 per month, 20% on remainder

Work commitments for working members:
Half-space members work an average of one day a month and full-space members two days a month (in 1/2 day shifts). Work shifts are determined over 4 month "blocks", so you could work 4 days in one month as a half-space member and take 3 months off if you want. The schedule is very flexible.

Adjustments to fees (you may change your participation level every 2 months):
Pay 5% lower commission for active participation on a gallery committee
Work additional shifts over your required minimum and get a reduction in rent.

Other income:
Members receive a 5% commission on everything they sell while working the gallery, which can sometimes defray a significant part of the member's rent.

The gallery receives much of its income from rent money for the spaces, and the rates are as low as we can possibly make them (the small commission the gallery gets is also necessary to make ends meet). Lance and Jerrie take no salary from running the gallery. Rent allows us to keep our quality level high (only serious artists here) and allows us to charge very small commissions so that artists can keep the "lion's share" of each sale. There are currently two committees to help run the gallery. They are the "Show and Operations Committee" and the "Marketing Committee" and all members are welcome to join the committees.

Hopefully this answers most of your questions about joining the gallery. After you have filled out the membership application and turned it in to us, the Show and Operations Committee will review it when there is an opening. We may contact you to present original samples of your work to vote on, although most of the time JPEG's are sufficient for jurying your work. If you are not accepted at one time, that does not mean you won't be accepted at another time.

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