A gallery of the visual fine arts

In the winter of 2007, Lance Kuehne and Jerrie Jerné Morago began to earnestly pursue their joint goal of creating a high-end gallery in Petaluma that would feature some of the best artists of the North Bay. Over many months, they considered several locations and recruited artists to be ready when they found the right venue.

Riverfront Art Gallery was born in the late summer of 2007 when Lance and Jerrie found the perfect location on Petaluma's riverfront. The gallery operates as a cooperative, in which all the artists participate in running the gallery and working the gallery floor. It is a gallery run by artists, for artists, with museum-quality lighting and a large space that provides ample room for showing the best work of approximately twenty artists. The artwork and the artists' spaces rotate approximately every two months, so there is always something new to see throughout the year.