Sharon Feissel - Photographer
phone - (707)

Artists are supposed to have a recognizable style.  It is an appealing idea, but I can’t make myself do the same thing repeatedly.  To me, my exploratory approach is my style.

Although I do sometimes exhibit straight photography, I am interested in using the photograph as a starting point for something entirely different from the original.  Typically, I combine one or more of my photographs through photomontage or composite techniques.  Often it takes days, sometimes weeks if I am developing a series, to explore the possibilities hidden in an image, to identify a guiding concept for the work, and to do whatever problem solving is required to get to the desired result.

Exploration and experimentation are critical to the life and energy of my art and give my work diversity and individuality.  I cannot predict what to expect next.  That’s just how it is.

I have images in Art Buzz, The 2008 Collection, published in February, 2008.  My image, Blind Sight, was published in Camera Arts Magazine, Nov-Dec, 2006.