Lance Kuehne - Photographer
phone - (707) 583-4631

Light, color, and form are the elements I use to capture your attention. My landscape photographs of Marin and Sonoma counties and the neighboring region draw you in to notice the texture of a grassy hillside, an oak tree shrouded in fog, or the way sunlight reaches across a field. I strive to heighten your perception. I encourage you to look deeper.

My challenge is to capture images that are not only beautiful but also allow you to experience that beauty as I did out in the field and to have that experience evoke thoughts, feelings, or memories. If the observer stops, looks, and stays with the photograph—then I have accomplished my goal.

My photographs are often mistaken for paintings, but they are in fact straight photographs taken without filters. No “painting” is done on the computer. I usually do little or no manipulation and print the full frame. I rely on available light, which best reflects what I am actually seeing. To ensure that my work will last for generations, I use an archival pigment printer, archival photographic paper, and museum quality mats.

I have viewed the world with heightened attention to light, color, and form most of my life. I first studied photography in high school, where I won several awards. At the University of California at Santa Cruz, I was admitted directly into the advanced photography courses. I went on to study photography and art history in France.

I grew up in California’s Central Valley wine country and currently live in Northern California’s Sonoma wine country with my wife, Moira, and our four cats and two chickens. I’m a member of the Sierra Club, the Sonoma Land Trust, the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, the Petaluma Arts Association, the Petaluma Arts Council, and other arts and environmental organizations.

I worked in the computer field for a long time before returning to photography, which has always been my passion. Now, with over 20 years of experience, I concentrate fully on fine art photography and specialize in landscapes. My continual challenge is to capture beauty in a way that inspires others to look deeper and experience a renewed sense of awe of the world we live in.