Karen Spratt - Painter
e-mail - kjspratt at comcast dot net


I think of my paintings as “story starters", invitations to conjure up a story based on the images I create.  Many of my images are playful, humorous and uplifting, and I’m pleased that the stories they inspire usually are too.

A few years ago I was standing in a museum in Adelaide, Australia in front of “The Valley,” a painting by Sidney Long, I was curious what it had felt like to create it. To find out, I painted the piece myself.   I enjoyed the process so much, that copying images from paintings I admire, has since become the inspiration for many of my works. It feels magical to recreate a famous painting and have it right in front of me, out of the confines of a museum. It’s also exciting to watch my own style emerge within the work no matter how diligently I attempt to create an exact reproduction.

Though my love of art began at an early age, I attended college to become a teacher. I have taught preschool, kindergarten and seventh grade. My art schooling includes community college classes in life drawing and watercolors, but my best teachers have been the five women with whom I share an art studio. Watching them paint and working beside them for the past seven years has been worth a lifetime of classes.

As a child, I admired the drawings and paintings of the Southern California desert created by my mother’s artist friends. My crayon renditions of their works were my earliest attempts at copying others' art, their pieces the first to spark my own creativity. Now, connecting with others through my creativity is one of my favorite parts of the artistic process; it’s so gratifying to share in the heartfelt responses to my work and to hear the stories it inspires.